The Encouragement Ministry is designed to help position the church for long-term stability, long-term maturity and long-term growth. We accomplish this goal by building the “Family Unit” with strong marriages and healthy relationships. The family is God’s creation. It is the most essential and most noble of all human institutions. When families are healthy and functional, society prospers at every level.

Pastor Kiya Shears
Ministry Resource Director
(336) 373-4283
[email protected]

E Team Leader – Elder Troy Raines

Biblical Counseling
The Counseling Ministry is in place for the purpose of assisting members of the church body in their spiritual, emotional and relational growth by helping them with emotional barriers that inhibit growth.

Daughters of Destiny
Daughters of Destiny are an encouragement ministry that seeks to assist in equipping women to meet their spiritual, relational and emotional needs and that of their families. This ministry will provide opportunities for women to come together and learn how to walk victoriously in all areas of their lives by becoming women of excellence.

Marriage Ministry
The mission of the Marriage Ministry is to educate, enlighten, and enrich marriage relationships so as to empower the priest-head (husband), and the helpmeet (wife) to continue the work entrusted to them by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Additionally, premarital counseling is offered.

The Marriage Ministry is comprised of two groups:
Couples of Hope and One Flesh which are listed below.

Couples of Hope
Couples of Hope is a counseling program designed to help strengthen marriages and overcome challenges by applying biblical truth. If you are interested in learning more about Couples of Hope, or want to sign up for this program, complete the Interest Form located below.
One Flesh
One Flesh is a small group specifically designed for married couples. These groups of 6 – 12 people provide an avenue for both married couples to learn biblical truths and share testimonies in a more personable setting

Senior Adult
The Senior Adult Ministry services adults who are 55 years of age and older by offering a broad cross-section of activities. From physical activities (like bowling, power walks and aerobics) to educational activities (like seminars, theatre, church and community outreach projects), and social activities (like galas and trips). This ministry appeals to members and non-members alike

Singles Ministry
The Singles Ministry provides a “dynamic Christ-centered outlet” for adults (18 years and up) who are committed to searching for their true purpose. The vision is to equip and empower single adults to become complete in every area of life through relationship with Jesus Christ and healthy relationships with others.

Men of Valor
Men of Valor show our love for God, by strengthening and encouraging men, through small groups, to be doers of the word.
Through small groups and men’s ministries, we are growing a brotherhood of believers who are committed to kingdom building through both fellowship and service. We encourage all the men to come out, fellowship, and learn to grow into the servant leaders God has called us to be.