Tuesday Night @ 7:30PM

The College and Young Adult Ministry at Mount Zion is a platform for young professionals to connect with God, and to further uncover their purpose. The under-girding principle of the ministry is establishing relationships that do not allow people to fall through the cracks. The term YOUNG AND DANGEROUS comes for the idea that young adults are still “YOUNG” and full of great potential. For this reason, young adults must see themselves as a “DANGEROUS” threat to every negative statistic and idea that is arising in this culture and time. As a result, we fully embrace 2 Corinthians 10:3-5.

The Young and Dangerous Leadership Team would love to connect with you, and you are invited to our next experience. To learn more, fill out the information below.

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Joseph Frierson, Jr.
College & Young Adult Pastor

(336) 373-4247
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The Conversation Room – College / Young Adult Bible Study
Tuesday at 7:30 pm in the Chapel
The Conversation Room is a college and young professionals’ bible study that is geared toward young adults who want to grow in their understanding of God and themselves. No words can truly describe the level of energy and connectivity that happens during these sessions. This environment allows for open discussion with practical biblical application. College Van Transportation is available.

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning

CollegeTime and Location
North Carolina A&T State University10:00AM – Clock Tower
10:30AM – Clock Tower
Bennett College10:10 AM- Guard House (Washington St.)
University of North Carolina at Greensboro10:20 AM- The Clock Tower Circle
Greensboro College10:15 AM- Hill Hall


The Conversation Room

CollegeTime and Location
North Carolina A&T State University7:00 PM- The Clock Tower
Bennett College7:05 PM- Guard House (Washington St.)
University of North Carolina at Greensboro7:10 PM- The Clock Tower Circle
Greensboro College7:15 PM- Hill Hall

These sessions are an extension of the Wednesday night bible study and meets on the Greensboro area campuses weekdays in the afternoon.