Welcome to Kingdom Groups 2023 Summer Semester

                                                                                                    Kingdom Groups Build Community

Kingdom Groups are small discipleship groups that gather at various times to help encourage spiritual growth and community.  These groups make it easy for people to connect with others so that they ultimately see the love and grace of Jesus Christ.  Our trained team of teachers and facilitators are sure to enlighten and enrich your Christian understanding. Join a Kingdom Group Today!!!

Have an idea for a Kingdom Group? Email Pastor Joseph Frierson today [email protected].

General Adult Kingdom Group (Sunday Morning)
This group follows a given curriculum for adults seeking to be a part of a discussion that will examine various themes within the Bible. This group is great for those looking to grow their understanding of Jesus Christ, the Bible, and the work of the apostles. Sign up today.
Every Sunday– 9:00 AM

Virtual (ZOOM)
Lead Facilitator: Brother Ed Young

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Books of the Bible Kingdom Group (Sunday Morning)This group offers a deeper level of discussion of the Word of God and theological concepts. Connecting themes and meanings within the Holy Scriptures. Sign up today.Schedule:Every Sunday– 9:00 AM

Virtual (ZOOM)Lead Facilitator: Elder Linwood Bowen

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Fresh Start Kingdom Group (Monday Evening)

This group is designed for individuals who recently received salvation or rededicated their life to Jesus Christ.  Fresh Start will help new believers understand their new life in the Kingdom of God.  Through basic Biblical concepts, participates will learn what truly happen to them, and how to live a life of purpose.  This will be a virtual kingdom group that will meet weekly for five (5) sessions starting Monday, May 29 at 7:00 PM.


Monday evenings (Starting 5/29)- 7:00 PM

Virtual (ZOOM)

Lead Facilitator: Staff Pastor

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Prayer Kingdom Group (1st Tuesdays)Prayer is an essential part of the life of the believer. This group is designed to help believers understand and activate a life of prayer. In addition, learning the prayer of intercession is a part of this biblical driven group.Schedule:Every First Tuesday – 6:30 PM

Virtual (ZOOM)Lead Facilitator: Elder Dr. Rita Lamb

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Hope for the Hurting (Sunday Mornings)One of Dr. Tony Evans recent books, “Hope for the Hurting”, is helping some many people dealing with life’s disappointments and points of grief. These sessions will ministry to the heart and soul of people trying to make sense of painful seasons and moments. There is still hope. Sign up today.ScheduleSunday mornings at 9:30 AM

In-Person (Room 233)Lead Facilitator: Pastor Patricia Walker

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Let’s Talk Tuesday- For Our Youth (Tuesday Evenings)This Kingdom Group is for Middle and High School Students. These Tuesday discussion groups are designed to increase fellowship and discipleship with our youth. Currently, the group is studying a book entitled, Defined- Understand their personal definition in life.Schedule:Tuesday Nights- 7:00 PM

Virtual (ZOOM)Lead Facilitator: Bishop Bryan Pierce Sister Elisha O’Neal

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The Conversation Room- Summer Edition- Young Professionals (Tuesday Evenings)The Conversation is a College and Young Professional’s Bible Study…but this is not your normal bible study. Young Professionals are connecting to purpose and their passion. These weekly conversations talk about topics that are relevant to young adults.

ScheduleTuesday Nights- 7:30 PM

Virtual (ZOOM)Lead Facilitator: Pastor Joe Frierson and Young Adult Leadership Team

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Innovative Podcasting Kingdom Group (Monday Evenings)

This group will empower aspiring podcasters by providing an immersive, engaging and dynamic learning experience that fosters creativity, innovation and excellence.  It will use Biblical concepts to help future and current podcasters to create a brand that ultimately brings Glory to God in a growing market.  This will be a virtual kingdom group that will meet weekly for five (5) sessions starting Monday, May 29 at 7:00 PM.


Monday evenings (Starting 5/29)- 7:00 PM

Virtual (ZOOM)

Lead Facilitator: Minister Demetrius Brown

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Lifestyle Ownership (Stewardship) (Saturday Mornings)

Mount Zion believes in being debt free in all aspects of life.  This Kingdom Group will provide proven steps to make this a reality.  The Bible states that we should own no man anything, but to love one another (Romans 13:8).  This group will help people understand and discover a path to owning their lifestyle instead of financing it.  This will be a virtual kingdom group that will meet weekly for five (5) session starting Saturday, May 27 at 10:00 AM.


Saturday mornings (Starting 5/27)- 10:00 AM

Virtual (ZOOM)

Lead Facilitator: Deacon Carols Mims

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Financial Bootcamp Part 3 (RECOVERY) (Sunday Mornings)Over the last two- or three-years household finances took a major hit. Changes in the economy, spending more at the pump, personal saving accounts are decreasing, and employment and work force issues. It is time for us to RECOVER the plan of living a debt free life. All things work together for our good. Sign up today and let’s get back on track.ScheduleSunday Mornings- 9:30 AM

In-Person (Room 106)Lead Facilitator: Brother Sean Young

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Ministry of Acts (Various Days)These groups are purposed to assist individuals in understanding deliverance, the Holy Spirit, the prophetic, and healing. Through these encounters and teachings people will be encouraged to pursue their calling in these areas. Sign up today.Schedule:Deliverance Encounter- Every 4th Saturday – 11:00-1:00 PMHoly Spirit Encounter- Every 3rd Thursday – 6:30-8:30 PMProphetic Encounter- Every 2nd Saturday – 9:00-11:00 AMHealing Encounter- Every 3rd Tuesday – 7:00-8:00 PM

All Virtual (ZOOM)Lead Facilitators: Elder Suzanna Bell, Elder Ronnie Elliott, Elder Thelma Williams, Elder Minnie Riley

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The Chosen Kingdom Group (3rd Sunday Mornings)This monthly gathering is designed to encourage those who are widows and widowers. It will discuss practical ways of healing and moving forward. This is a great way to connect with others and grow. Sign up today.Schedule:Every 3rd Sunday morning – 9:00 AM

Virtual (ZOOM)Lead Facilitator: Sister Faye Stanley

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Civic Engagement Kingdom Group (Tuesday Evening)This group gathers to ensure that members of church remain engaged and educated in the area of civic engagement. Discussing local, state, and national civic engagement work. Sign up today.Schedule:Tuesdays Evenings: 6:00PM

Virtual and In-PersonLead Facilitators: Sister Shirley McAllister and Brother Doug Thorne

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Veterans Walking with Veterans Kingdom Group (4th Monday Evenings)This group is designed to provide God centered assistance and support to the veterans, active duty, reservists, National Guard, and military families. These gatherings will honor the men, women, and families that serve our country. Sign up today.Schedule:Every 4th Monday – 7:00 PM

Virtual (ZOOM)Lead Facilitator: Brother Eric Ratliff

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This Is Us (RDU CAMPUS) (Thursday Evenings)

This kingdom group is designed to increase the fellowship and discipleship aspect of the Mount Zion Campuses, while discussing key foundational pillars of the church.  Individuals will be about to interact with each other and the Word of God.  This group will also help worshippers learn more about the Mount Zion culture and how they are apart of the vision of the church.  This is an in-person kingdom group that will meet weekly on Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM at the RDU Campus location (Alston Ridge Middle School- 7833 Fussell Ave, Cary, NC)


Thursday evenings- 7:00 PM


Lead Facilitator: Pastor Joe Frierson

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