A Crisis in Marriage

Every 45 seconds a marriage ends in America. With it ends not only a covenant of love, but also the stability of a home, financial solidity, and a model of committed love for children to take into their own marriages. Every 45 seconds, American loses more than another marriage. It loses another building block in the structure of what secures her future: strong, loving relationships based on respect, commitment and integrity. This year alone 1.2 million families will experience the rupturing and fragmentation of divorce. Hearts shattered. Children devastated. Hope lost.

Statistics say it all…

Please join us in our goal to strengthen marriages and prevent divorce – to the end that the basic building blocks of our society – loving, committed marriages and families – are protected, respected and provide a living legacy for the next generation.



Why Marriage Ministry Matters More Today Than Ever…

You would think that in a world inundated with instant access, it would be easy to stay connected to the ones we love. We’ve replaced conversation with text messaging and love letters with e-mails. Many married couples find it harder to stay connected with one another than ever before.

Knowing how to stay connected is essential to keeping a marriage strong and healthy! Couples, who have developed relationship skills and are able to rely on each other through life’s struggles, are far less likely to lose their connection. They come together to work through their problems instead of withdrawing or considering divorce. They focus on understanding the real issues and emotions to move past their pain and continue their life’s journey together.

The key to keeping families together is equipping couples with the know-how to nurture their marriage long past the moment they say “I Do.” Marriage is a journey not a destination. The most effective way a church can insure that couples stay together and thrive is through a Marriage Ministry that supports, equips and empowers. Unless churches provide opportunities for couples to learn and apply healthy life skills, few ever learn how to care for their marriage and enjoy the blessings God intended.

A ministry dedicated to marriage blesses the Church as much as it does the families.