Thank you for your interest in becoming an iChurch Member of Mount Zion!

What is your commitment as an iChurch member?
  1. To walk in peace and not bring turmoil to the body.
  2. To help accomplish the vision that God has given to Pastor Bryan J. Pierce, Sr. and Mount Zion.
  3. To faithfully attend iChurch and grow spiritually in the word of God.
  4. To submit myself to the Word of God for reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness.
  5. To walk with a servant’s heart in whatever area of ministry that I serve and do it as unto the Lord.
  6. To pray for the Mount Zion family,  Pastor Bryan J. Pierce, Sr. and his family.
  7. Not to murmur, complain, or speak evil against Mount Zion, Pastor Bryan J. Pierce, Sr. or my brothers and sisters in THE BODY.
  8. To be a cheerful giver of tithes and offerings as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion.
What is the iChurch commitment to you?
  1. Our commitment to you is to be your covering and pray for you daily.
  2. Teach you the word of God in a practical manner.
  3. Provide vocational, premarital, marital, individual and family counseling virtually as needed.
  4. Cast the vision of where God is leading.
  5. Encourage your personal & spiritual development.
  6. Implement a plan to educate and disciple members of the iChurch.
  7. Encourage and teach the importance of stewardship to iChurch members.
  8. Allow iChurch members an opportunity to serve at any of our off campus outreach events.