Wheels4Hope is a faith-based, volunteer-driven, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping low-income families and individuals by providing them reliable, affordable vehicles. Wheels4Hope is a community where people of all faiths can come together in service.

On May 25, 2015 beginning at 8 a.m., Wheels4Hope will be sponsoring a Bike-A-Thon to bring financial assistance to Wheels4Hope to continue the support of supply cars to families in need.

Mount Zion is seeking individuals to serve at this Bike-A-Thon with Wheels4Hope on May 25, 2015.  Twenty people are needed to participate in the Bike-A-Thon, while 30 are needed to assist the bikers and assist the car give-away. Please sign up below!

We need a total of 50 volunteers. We have 22 volunteer(s) of 50.
We are no longer accepting Volunteers. Thank you.