Volunteering makes important economic and social contributions, contributing to a more cohesive society by building trust and reciprocity among citizens. It can be both challenging and rewarding and require you to use your skills in a new context. You can also transfer useful knowledge while gaining a greater understanding. Mount Zion in conjunction with Guilford County Schools will be serving during End Of Grade Testing. We are asking for 200 people from the Mount Zion Community to serve and support our local school system.

Dates of need May 27 – June 12
Proctors must be 18 or older

Training is required – This training is only for those willing to volunteer in a GCS system.
To sign up to serve, please enter your information below.  Someone will contact you!

Alamance Elem.
Alderman Elem.
Allen Jay Elem.
Allen Jay Middle
Allen Mid.
Andrews High
Archer Elem.
Aycock Middle
Bessemer Elem.
Bluford Elem.
Brightwood Elem.
Brooks Global Studies
Brown Summit Middle
Claxton Elem.
Colfax Elem.
Cone Elem.
Dudley High
Eastern High
Eastern Middle
Erwin Montessori
Fairview Elem.
Falkener Elem.
Ferndale Midddle
Florence Elem.
Foust Elem.
Frazier Elem.
General Greene Elem.
Gibsonville Elem.
Gillespie Park Elem.
Grimsley High
Guilford Elem.
Guilford Middle
Hairston Middle
Hampton Academy
High Point Central High
High School Ahead Academy
Hunter Elem.
Irving Park Elem.
Jackson Middle
Jamestown Elem.
Jamestown Middle
Jefferson Elem.
Jesse Wharton Elem.
Johnson St Global Studies
Jones Elem.
Joyner Elem.
Kernodle Middle
Kirkman Park Elem.
Kiser Middle
Lincoln Academy
Lindley Elem.
Madison Elem.
McLeansville Elem.
McNair Elem.
Mendenhall Middle
Millis Road Elem.
Monticello-Brown Summitt
Montlieu Academy
Morehead Elem.
Murphey Trad. Academy
Nathanael Greene Elem.
Newcomers School
Northeast High
Northeast Middle
Northern Elem.
Northern High
Northern Middle
Northwest High
Northwest Middle
Northwood Elem.
Oak Hill Elem.
Oak Ridge Elem.
Oak View Elem.
Page High
Parkview Elem.
Pearce Elem.
Peck Elem.
Peeler Open Elem.
Penn-Griffin School Arts
Pilot Elem.
Pleasant Garden Elem.
Ragsdale High
Rankin Elem.
Reedy Fork Elem.
Sedalia Elem.
Sedgefield Elem.
Shadybrook Elem.
Simkins Elem.
Smith High
Southeast High
Southeast Middle
Southern Elem.
Southern High
Southern Middle
Southwest Elem.
Southwest High
Southwest Middle
Sternberger Elem.
Stokesdale Elem.
Summerfield Elem.
Sumner Elem.
Triangle Lake Montessori
Union Hill Elem.
Vandalia Elem.
Washington Elem.
Weaver Academy
Welborn Middle
Western High
Wiley Elem.
We are no longer accepting Volunteers. Thank you.