Registration is for adults and parents only to participate in the 6 below classes. 
Parents please select 3 of the following during your registration process:

– It’s All About Style:  Learning Style That Is (Audience:  K – 12 Parents)
– Before the 1st Day of Kindergarten (Audience:  Parents with children ages 2 – 4)
– Choosing a Career Path:  It’s Starts in Middle School (Audience:  Middle School Parents)
– The College Application Process:  It’s In the Notebook (Audience:  Middle and High School Parents)
– The Math Tool Kit (Target Audience:  K – 5 Parents)
– Round Table Discussion (Target Audience:  K – 12 Parents)


KCC Sessions: 9AM-12:30PM  (Students Classes – Registration required)

The Catch It Game- This interactive game will be used to help students evaluate “What is Important”. The presenter will have various balls with labels on it (e.g., “family”, “church activity”, “do my homework”, “friends”, etc). The presenter will provide various scenarios while introducing the balls to the circle. Students can only have one ball at a time – therefore, when some balls come to them they have to decide to keep the ball they have or drop it and hold onto a new ball (i.e., situation).

Financial Literacy – Students will do an activity that will focus on simple entrepreneurship, saving money, and setting financial priorities.

Scavenger Hunt- This interactive game will be held in the Chapel. Students will have to do various challenges to get clues for the game. For example:

– Put the books of the Bible in ABC order

– Read a scripture and then go to a different location to rewrite the same scripture.

– Name four Major Prophets.


Youth Blaze: 9AM-12:30PM (Student Classes – Registration required)

The Catch It Game- Like the KCC game, but will add situations that are relevant to this age group.

Financial Literacy- Will be interactive game that focuses on the financial challenges youth may experience as the transition to Young Adulthood.

Interview and Resume Writing- Learn good interviews skills and how to develop a resume that will help them seek employment. We will also address developing a resume to use for college applications.


Spelling Bee: This event will start at 2pm

Participant registration is free and open to the public; however, spaces are limited. We will have a separate competition for each level (elementary, middle, and high)
Elementary winner will receive $100
Middle school winner will receive $200
High school winner will receive $300

Additional details will be sent (i.e., word list, contest details, etc) upon registration