The iChurch Online Host Team
The Host Team provides the primary connecting arm of the iChurch. It provides a comfortable environment by welcoming, chatting, and praying with iChurch attendees at experiences throughout the week.

Host Team members moderate the Chat Room, greet guests as they enter the chat room, engage guests in light conversation and encourage guests to participate in the service, Team members answer questions and provide guests with information about Mount Zion Baptist Church.

The iChurch Online Social Media Team
The Social Media team uses the power of social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter, to reach people who are already online. Team members share information, participate in specific online conversations, invite others into the discussion, and help spread the word about the iChurch of Mount Zion Baptist Church.

The iChurch Online Creative Team
The Creative Team is responsible for any impact videos or video-oriented creative elements that need to be developed. This includes, but is not limited to, writing, casting, producing, editing, compressing, and distributing the videos.
This team is responsible for creating videos that require stock or pre-shot footage (ex. Mission Video, Year- End Video, Special Event Videos, etc.) The team is responsible for all creative elements that promote iChurch and the vision of Mount Zion Baptist Church.

The iChurch Online Follow-Up Team
The Follow-Up Team provides immediate response through phone call, email and letter to salvations, rededications and the needs of the iChurch attendees

The iChurch Online Prayer Team
The Prayer Team receives, prays for, and responds to prayer requests from people all over the state and world. Team members pray for guests one-on-one in the live private chat room.